shouwa (shouwa) wrote,

Age of Pandora - Day 1

AOP begins! So this is my very first foray into RPG fitness and I am unbelievably excited!

The exercises were kind of intense, but I am truly out of shape so that most likely lent to their difficulty. I also didn't feel much after the upper arms exercises but my legs are still having a moment after the lower body moves. Which means it's working so that's good!(Post-workout glow LOL)

I'm also planning on sticking to the Modern Hero Diet, also posted on Darebee's site but I gotta buy more of the ingredients/foods suggested. I'll just eat similarly until then.

Looking forward to tomorrow-- I haven't read ahead because I want to be painfully surprised. 😂

Tags: ★ Age of Pandora, ★ Daily Life, ★ ダイエット
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